Do You Include These Principles in your Home Design?

Most Interior Designers know the Principles of Design, I’m not one, but I have an Interior Designer in my company and we talk about these principles now and then. We also use these principles in Home Staging design – or try to – and can make or break the design. These photos from other designers are right on in their Principles of Design!

Balance – a sense of visual weight of the elements. I like symmetrical – centered fireplace with two identical chairs facing each other, or this bedroom by Justin Lawson. Notice the side tables; it’s like a mirrored image. I just love this room.

Rhythm – a repetition of elements in a design scheme. Note the design by Kim Coleman where she repeats the squares in the bedpost onto the wall with the square mirror. Repetition can be done with color and visual interest, but the design must include a sense of unity.





Emphasis – elements in a design that are more significant than other features in a room. This is one of my favorites. In our home staging, we’ll take a favorite piece of art, furniture piece or wall covering and make it stand out from the other subordinate pieces. A room looks lifeless without emphasis from Interior Design Basics. The area rug pulls all of the other pieces together; could you imagine this room without the rug?






Scale – using an area rug, art or furniture selections that are too small. Very important in home staging too when there is no scale used in the overall room design. Your design will look weak. This look is complete.





Harmony – this is created by the design, itself. Unity and variety need to exist in a room to get harmony by using colors, textures, patterns and variety. All of these photos are excellent in a complete design feel.  Isn’t it a “feeling” when you find that perfect house on the market?

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